The Proof Is Within Our Email Signature

It hardly seems fair that comparisons are drawn between our premium product and that of the unknown individual that may vanish at will only to spirit another company into existence. In this age of here today and gone tomorrow it must be reassuring to find a company with a trading history stretching back almost 10yrs and with the absence of worry in providing deposit protection and insurance backed guarantees. What’s more, are Which? Trusted Traders. What more could you ask?

So, there’s plenty about. No, I don’t mean rogue traders but voices at the end of the phone that are willing to slash prices, cut and run. Gary, Richard and Jeanette are all smiles when you part with your cash but that’s where their interest ends as they give the work away to the lowest bidder. You might have thought you were buying from a legitimate showroom, but your balance payment will be collected by the sub-contractor. Therein lies the problem, who’s now guaranteeing the work?

If you’re lucky you might stumble upon an installer direct but don’t get up your hopes up, his quotes are one liners by text message and he’s not going to return in hurry once paid.

If you want to knock on our door, you’re very welcome we have two well maintained and stocked industrial units in Chesterfield. Visit our showroom in Sheffield we’re open 6 days. Do you even know the address of the company you’re comparing us with?

In the majority of instances, a site survey won’t be necessary. Site surveys are for amateurs and pushy salesman.

Another reason to Better Buy Compton