So, you just throw a roof up in no time at all?

fixingsSo, you just throw a roof up in no time at all? No, not at all. As the buyer of the components belonging to our roofing systems I can categorially state that you could be any further from the truth. First, you will need to know the roof sheet length. We don’t survey most of our works as we have the maths off to a fine art. Second comes the ‘crank’ of the ridge on the apex or the drop down the sides of the fasciae on the Pent this comes from experience. Foam filler has been commissioned to our own unique designs with a pressed mesh grill and we have half a dozen brackets manufactured to assist our installations. We don’t buy cheap roofing; all our sheets are 0.7mm gauge and the anti-drip lining is a higher grade than most. Did I forget to mention the joinery made direct replacement fasciae on the Compton Apex models? We manufacture gutter brackets and straps to the original Compton designs and we provide steel access doors as Compton intended.