Maintaining your LidgetComptonconcrete garage

Timber weather bar for concrete garageLidgetCompton guarantee the structural integrity of their concrete garages for a period of ten years from the date of purchase. Should any structural component fail during that period,

LidgetCompton will repair or replace it at no cost to you provided that basic maintenance has been carried out.

Like any item of value, it is important that certain components within your concrete garage receive periodic maintenance.

Steel – mild steel roof trusses are manufactured and welded on site at by LidgetCompton concrete garages. Steel is primed with a water based primer before leaving the factory. This steel can be painted with Hammerite or a similar substance on site if required.

Timber – all timber supplied is preservative treated in the factory. Preservative before manufacture by totally immersing the components ensuring maximum protection. We advise that all exposed timber should be re-treated annually with a suitable timber preservative.

Doors – all standard up and over garage and personnel access doors are galvanised steel with polyester powder coated primed finish, supplied to take the undercoat and top coat colour of your choice.

If you are going to line your building or paint your garage floor or walls please pay particular attention to the drying process before starting. To accelerate the drying process use “dry” heat, electric heater for example. Do not use gas heaters as they generate moisture as they burn. De humidifiers can help but the main answer is to allow sufficient time for the drying process.