Compton Buildings, Fenny Compton

To the uninitiated all garages might all look the same but we can identify a Compton Building from a description, size or Google Streetview image. Compton Buildings manufactured concrete garages for over 50yrs although the design hardly altered. Yes it is true that towards the end of their time they did experiment with new forms of brick and stone effect but on the whole you can expect two common roof pitch, popular sizes and an all steel roof construction. The slab like design with the distinctive brown brick effect is the Marlborough/Balmoral version, the Rockstone the Viceroy/Ambassador Apex and lower pitch ‘Popular Range’ carry a distinctive concrete lintel over the door.

Without giving too much away we know every length of roof sheet and exactly how to fit them for best longevity and performance. To this end, we manufacture components to ensure a seamless fit to the Compton Building and much of this tech carries over onto other brands such as Sturdy and Marley Garages.

What’s more, we’re Which? Trusted Traders and industry leaders, our rivals are simply poor imitators.

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