When buying goods on the internet or mail-order you are entering in a legally binding contract the terms of which are detailed below. Any variations of the agreed terms are only applicable if details of which are provided on the individual contract.


Access will not be required to all sides of the garage but please provide unobstructed access to at least one side of the building. The inside of the building must be free of obstructions and our operatives must be able to move freely inside. The client is responsible for ensuring that the items left within the building are covered.

The company accepts no responsibility for damage to any belongings which haven’t been removed or adequately protected (unless caused by our negligence). It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the roof is free of obstruction which includes the removal of ivy or overhanging branches and the electricity within the garage is isolated. We normally deliver on a transit style van: if you have any doubt that this vehicle cannot park within 25 yards of the building, then please contact our offices, so that a smaller vehicle may be arranged.


PVC fascias and side barge boards are an optional extra. Our operatives will offer to renew your front/rear timber barge boards (apex roofs) and renew all fascias on pent roof designs in matching coated steel. Unless otherwise stated, guttering is an optional extra. Guttering is provided with a vertical down-pipe and will not be diverted to water butts or drains unless by prior arrangement.


It is the customer’s responsibility to supply accurate external building dimensions of their building. Photographs will be required and can be forwarded to sales@comptonroofs.com or as an alternative, a copy of their original receipt can be supplied. In the event that a revisit is required due to an error/omission on the part of the client, then Compton Roofs.com reserve the right to levy a reasonable charge incurred by the Company, of 10% of the order or no less than £250. Building sizes required are width and length of the building in feet and inches to the nearest inch.


You may cancel your order for any reason providing that 14 days’ notice is given in writing. In the event that sufficient notice has not been provided, then you may be liable for any reasonable costs incurred by the company.


Will be acknowledged within 48 hours and dealt with by our guidelines in a fair and confidential manner. The buyer will be kept fully informed during the process of resolving the issue by phone and/or email. If replacement goods are required in order to rectify any default or deficiency, this should take no longer than 30 working days.


All agreed timescales are made in good faith and whilst we will do our utmost to deliver or complete the installation to agreed timescales there may be occasions when this is not possible. If there are delays, we will provide a written explanation and accept liability for delays as a result of our error, or if the delay should or could have been foreseen by us. Where delays are due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we will complete the work within a reasonable time.


Will be provided at the clients’ request, although it may take between 6-8 weeks to follow.


All sides are to be accessible when having a garage repair. Access must be provided within the structure to all the existing roof fastenings. It is the customers responsibility to supply accurate external building dimensions and photographs or alternatively a copy of their original receipt. In the event that a revisit is required due to an error/omission on the part of the client then Garden Buildings Retail Limited reserve the right to levy a charge of 10% of the order value or no less than £250.


We accept all major credit and debit cards and by arrangement cheque or bank transfer. Please make your payment to COMPTON ROOFS LTD. Details will be provided on your order form. Proof of bank transfer may be required. In the event that a client is not available to make payment then we reserve the right to abort an installation and a revisit charge of £250 will be levied. Balance is due when the task is substantially complete, however see below section for revisits. All our vans carry card machines.


On the rare occasion it is deemed necessary to revisit, the majority of balance payment is due when the task is substantially complete, minus £150 or 5% of the total order value, whichever is greater. This final outstanding sum will be due on the revisit day. We will provide a revisit date as soon as possible.

If you withhold more money than the value of any outstanding work, or delay payment of our invoice, then we will apply interest to the outstanding balance. In the event of the Buyer being in breach of any of the above conditions, COMPTON ROOFS LIMITED shall be entitled to withhold any goods or services or suspend delivery until all breaches have been remedied.