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Gain Additional Space In Your Home With A Garage Extension

Are you starting to feel that you are running out of space in your home? New baby on the way or perhaps a hobby that is starting to take over? One way that you can free up some space in your home is to extend your property. However, extending your home can be stressful and not to mention expensive. If your property has an attached garage then why not look at extending the garage and using that additional space for storage, working or perhaps relaxing? What Is So Great About Extending Your Garage Rather Than Your Home? As we have
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The World’s Most Impressive Garages

For most of us, our garage is simply a place to store things, to work on our hobbies or simply pop your car in at night. But for others around the world, their garage is a much more impressive part of the home. Here at Compton, we are proud of the beautiful concrete garages that we offer our clients. However, just to give you a bit of inspiration, let us showcase some of the most expensive and awe-inspiring garages from around the world. Jerry Seinfeld’s Manhattan Garage There is so much to love about comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche garage.
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A Concrete Sectional Garage Can Increase Your House Value

A Concrete Sectional Garage Can Increase Your House Value Garages are one of the most useful spaces that you can have in your home; whether it is storage for all of those out of place household items, a workspace for you to create your masterpieces or indulge in a hobby, or simply a safe and secure place to store your car at night. A concrete sectional garage is definitely the way to go! All of the above are great reasons to install a concrete sectional garage, but what you may not realise is that having a garage on your property
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