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Nine case study videos compilation

We’re particularly proud of our case study videos so have compiled this compilation of some of the most recent including new roofs, garage revamps and replacement garage doors. We expected to unearth a barn find when we heard that the door on this garage had been jammed shut for some time. No such luck but we did save Mrs. Gilberthorpe the cost of a replacement door once we identified that the fault lay with a collapsing front lintel. In conjunction with a replacement garage roof (including the licensed disposal of the asbestos) we set about exchange the concrete support for
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Should I Repair Or Replace My Concrete Garage?

If you own a concrete garage, then there is a chance that at some point it could be damaged or in poor condition. You may be worried that this will mean that you will need to pay out to have your entire garage replaced. However, here at Compton, we believe that in some circumstances a repair job is all that you need. So, as experts in both repairs and replacements, we have put together a guide to both choices. Considering some of the things to think about before making the decision on which is right for you. Cost Cost
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Client Case Study – Mrs. Meyers, Ashford, Kent

On 15th February 2016, Mrs. Meyers, from Ashford, Kent got in touch with us after finding us online. After having received a competitive and fixed price quotation, Mrs Meyers chose Compton Spares to complete her garage revamp. The garage make was unknown and with replacement PVC window, main and access doors we had to arrange for our own surveyors to attend to take the critical measurements. The job was completed in two days and Mrs Meyers was a very satisfied customer. Mrs. Meyers wrote to thank us all… “I am contacting you as a very satisfied customer following the refurbishment
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