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The #comptonspares Hall of Fame

The #comptonspares Hall of Fame As a bumper 2018 ends we finish with this first-rate anthracite themed garage overhaul. This building not only finds a great looking main door, but anthracite sprayed PVC access door and treble depth opening window. We supplied new roofing supports and PVC fascias too, all to the original Compton factory designs. This building was loosely based on the Compton Viceroy model, we knew what sizes it ought to be so a great deal of care was taken to realign the structure as the walls had bowed out and in part fallen over after the client
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We know our Compton Buildings really well….

We know our Compton Buildings really well…. We know our Compton Buildings really well so when Jon Hayes in Poole, Dorset contacted us he was surprised that we had no need to visit in order to provide a fixed price quotation. What’s more, the rivals made themselves look rather foolish offering components such as side PVC barge boards on a building which had no need. By email we discussed the various merits of choosing Compton Spares over the competitors and the deal was clinched once we pointed out that we don’t just provide cheap PVC over-cladded fascias, but a pair
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Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days? The owner of this garage has ripped off the main door and driven through the rear of their building. All in a day’s work for Compton garage repairs and refurbishment. Nothing is straightforward with a Compton Building from the peculiar sized door and fitment to the absence of repair panels. You’re going to require experienced Compton installers too, most have moved on following the demise of the original manufacturer. To make repairs, assembly bolts, mastic panel spaces and chamfered washers will be required and reinstatement of the internal sand/cement fillet. Compton
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