The Benefits Of A Double Garage

When it comes to building a new garage on your home you may think that you are relatively limited on choices. Here at Compton, we know that this isn’t the case. In fact, why limit yourself to a standard single garage space?

It is thought that double garages are usually only found on larger properties; however, they can make for a useful addition to any family home. So, to help you make the decision whether or not a double garage is ideal for your home, we have put together our guide to the benefits of double garages.

You Can Fit In More Cars

The majority of modern families now rely on more than one car to get around. This can mean that your garage is not big enough to fit both cars in. Rather than arguing about whose turn it is to park in the garage, why not install a double garage and have enough room to pop them side by side?

It Has More Storage Space

It isn’t just cars that can be hidden away in a spacious double garage. They also have plenty of space to store other items that can build up in a family home. Bikes, scooters and outdoor toys; all of these can be stored in your double garage without clogging up the space and leaving you with little to no room to move around.

They Are Just As Easy To Build

You may think that a double garage is going to mean double the hassle if you decide to install one in your home. However, this isn’t the case. They are often installed as separate single garages, using a panel system that then sit next to each other and prevent any weak points. They are then joined together with an interlocking joint, which not only is stronger but also looks lovely too.

They Can Be Dual Purpose

A double garage doesn’t have to be just for your cars, or just for storage. With the extra space you gain by building a double garage, you can choose to use the space for a variety of uses. Of course it is ideal for storage, but you can also turn it into a workspace, a room for your hobby or simply a utility space with an extra freezer or other larger appliance in.

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