Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Garage


It’s that time of year again; the lambs are popping up in the field, the flowers are starting to bloom and of course, many of us are itching to grab the mop and clean out our homes. But, when it comes to spring cleaning there is one place in the home that often gets overlooked – the garage!

Here at Compton, we think that just as we like to give our cabinets a clean out, the garage should get the same treatment too. After all, these useful household spaces are often packed full with the bits and bobs that don’t have a home, in your home.

So with this in mind, we have put together our top tips for spring-cleaning your garage so that you are left with a spotlessly clean and clear space for storing away a range of items.

Pick A Day And Stick To It

Just like any household chore, you are more likely to put off cleaning out your garage if you don’t have a set day in mind. After all, there are always things more interesting to do then sort through your stuff.

So to avoid this procrastination, mark down a date in your diary and stick to it. Our top tip is to try and pick a day when the weather is looking good as this makes garage clear-outs all the easier!

Bin Bravely

The garage is often full of things that we don’t want or need in your home. Some of them will sit in there for a number of years gathering dust and taking up space. When it comes to clearing out your garage, you need to be bold and brave when it comes to throwing things away. Or, if they still have some life in them, popping them to your local charity shop so that others can benefit from your clear out.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

There is one thing for sure; garages and the items in them will often accumulate plenty of dust. Dust may seem harmless, but in large quantities it can be damaging to your health and you should take steps to protect yourself against inhaling too much dust during your garage clean out.

A dust mask is an essential tool for clearing out garages, as it stops you from breathing in too much dust. You should also invest in a good quality brush for sweeping away all the dust and debris; both of these can be found in your local DIY store.

Think About The Future

Clearing out your garage is the perfect opportunity to put in some thought about what you want to do with the space in the future. Of course, many of us may decide to continue using it for storage, but for others the space provides another option.

Once it is cleared out, you may be inspired to transform this empty room into a workshop for a hobby, the space you need for a business idea or perhaps the base for an extension of your home. The possibilities really are endless!

Hopefully these simple tips have helped you to become inspired into clearing our your garage. If you find that you need garage repair work completed on the space, then get in touch with us by calling 0800 318359 and enquire about our garage repair service.