Should I Repair Or Replace My Concrete Garage?

If you own a concrete garage, then there is a chance that at some point it could be damaged or in poor condition. You may be worried that this will mean that you will need to pay out to have your entire garage replaced. However, here at Compton, we believe that in some circumstances a repair job is all that you need.

So, as experts in both repairs and replacements, we have put together a guide to both choices. Considering some of the things to think about before making the decision on which is right for you.


Cost is a huge consideration, especially since a new garage can be costly. A repair can be much lower in price in the short-term, ideal if you only need a quick fix. If the issue is likely to reoccur, or you want to think long term, then you may want to opt for a replacement instead.

Whilst this may cost more upfront, the long-term benefits of a replacement concrete garage are huge and can work out better for you.


Garages make the perfect target for thieves. They often contain valuable possessions and are easier to access without being noticed. If your garage is in poor condition, then it may make it more of a target. Will a repair be able to ensure that the building is secure, or should you opt for a full replacement to be safe?

The safety of your garage is something that is hugely important, so this is not something to take lightly. You may find that a repair will be enough, but if you are concerned about the level of security that your garage is providing then it may be time to replace completely.

The Look

Your garage is one of the most visible parts of your homes, something that many people will be able to see. If the issue is only cosmetic, then you may be able to just opt for a repair rather than a full replacement. This will make sure that your garage looks great, but won’t end up costing you the earth.

Contact Compton Spares

Here at Compton, we are experts in not only replacing a variety of concrete garages, but also providing you with a full garage repair service too.

Our team are on hand to help, whether it is advice, guidance or simply to see how much repairs or replacements. So, why not give us a call and see what we can offer you?