In response to your message re: regulations


Asbestos regulations, what regulations? As a responsible employer we ensure that our employees complete Asbestos Awareness courses and that they receive plentiful guidance of good practice as well as personal protective equipment.

So what of regulations? We handle bonded concrete fibre sheets; some might contain small traces of chrysotile asbestos. There’s no governing body regulating our industry and apart from Environment Agency registration no association that we must belong to.

Can anyone dispose of this type of asbestos? Well, yes but don’t expect it to be easy to dispose of. There’s a reason why skips have inspection hatches at the bottom you know. Tested or otherwise you cannot place corrugated fibre-cement sheets into a regular skip. If you’re lucky you can take it to your local refuge site IN PIECES! Yes, you’re expected to break up your waste. How crazy is that?

So, we choose to carry our potentially hazardous waste on open back not sealed vehicles. It’s safer for the occupant’s right? Unlike a panel van, the longer sheets don’t have to be broken up either. Good practice (not asbestos regulations) dictates that we cover the asbestos sheets and great care is taken in the offloading to ensure that the sheets don’t break. Goggles and respirators are worn at this stage.

It remains that the majority of roofing that we handle is unlikely to contain asbestos at all. Garages built after 1990 are unlikely to contain asbestos. Asbestos roofing tends to last much longer than the material which followed.