concrete sectional garage

Planning permission. Two simple words that can strike fear into the heart of anyone who is looking to extend or change parts of their home.

Here at Compton we are often asked whether or not planning permission will be required for a customers’ project. So with this in mind we have put together some guidance on the subject.

When Is Planning Permission Not Needed?

If you are looking to install a pre-constructed concrete sectional garage, then it is often the case that you will not be required to obtain planning permission first. By law, these ready-made garages are considered to be pre-cast sectional garages and are seen as a temporary structure.

This means that it is not necessary to obtain planning permission, saving you a lot of time in the long run.

When Might I Need Planning Permission?

So we have already seen the circumstance whereby planning permission may not be required. However, there are also those that may require you to seek planning permission from your local authority before going ahead with the project.

The most common situations whereby planning permission is required include:

  • Plans to build a garage on land that is in front of a wall ‘forming the principal elevation’
  • Building a garage that is more than one storey high with eaves that exceed 2.5 metres and have a height of more than 4 metres
  • If the garage will be within 2 metres of a boundary of a main dwelling
  • A garage that is planned to include a balcony, raised platform or veranda
  • If the garage will be likely to cover more than half of the land which is already occupied by the main
  • house

  • If the land that you plan to build on is designated or is within the grounds of a listed building

There is also a high chance that you will need to obtain planning permission if you are going to extend your garage to make it a larger concrete sectional garage.

The local authority gives planning permission. They will receive the initial application and then assess your request. Whilst the team at Compton know some of the required information and guidance relating to planning permission, we are really the experts in building and constructing your brand new space.
So get in touch with us today by calling 0800 318359 and see how we can give you some extra room for storage, to create a home office or simply to give you a place for your larger appliances.