Benjamin Franklin “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.
Of course back in the 18th Century there was no internet driven ‘Dutch auction’ where price is at a premium and the quality of product is largely ignored.
This could not be truer than with the Home Improvement industry when once it was so important to view the end product and now the buyer is much more than likely to buy off paper.
This is not true of everyone of course and demographically the older generations still see the benefit in viewing a product and after all we are talking about an addition to your home.
There remains a certain amount of credibility to an established showroom compared to many of these home sellers particularly when it comes to after sales and customer support. A seller operating from the spare bedroom shrugs off responsibility by switching off their mobile phone this can never happen with a showroom.
Home sellers are easy to spot, see the private address as their offices, a mobile number to contact or a lacklustre one page website.