So when it comes to garage extensions, replacement garage roof and repairs, Better Buy #comptonspares











Compton Buildings manufactured concrete garages, shed and workshops for over 50yrs. Up until the 1980s tax breaks were offered for self-build and garage build instructions provided. In the latter years, self-employed garage erectors would construct on behalf of Compton Garages.

#comptonspares have kept the memory alive, archiving many past documents and reproducing components to the original designs.

We’re now the sole stockist for roofing clips, guttering kits, concrete garage panels including front pillars and PVC fascias to mention a few.

Working on a Compton Building should not be left to amateurs as these buildings were built like no others as they included an all steel roof structure, threaded roofing fastenings, heavy duty assembly bolts, chamfered washers and packing clips in the assembly. The garage doors fitted were very often home brew and with sizes which don’t comply that baffle your regular garage door installers. Even laying an internal sand/cement fillet is an art lost amongst millennial garage erectors.

#comptonspares can often be found extending concrete garages, our roofing steelwork is faithful to the original designs and our inhouse installers rekindle the Compton Buildings spirit.

What’s more we have brought innovation to the garage roof sector offering a choice of modern roofing solutions in steel that include tile effect, leather grain embossed plastisol coated and all with a anti drip fabric layer on the underside.

So it comes to garage extensions, replacement garage roof and repairs, Better Buy #comptonspares