Revamp Your Garage Before You Put It on The Market


FACT 90% percent of householders don’t put a car in their garage but having a garage on the property rates high in the property market. I recall my parents downsizing in the 1980s, their new house was in a prime rural location, but the garage was no fit for purpose. What’s more the furniture which they stored within this asbestos and timber building did very quickly become mouldy with a little hint of mouse poo.

These days, having a property which has room for a garage is a luxury not a given. With people extending upwards into lofts and creating subterranean alcoves the garage should not be ignored.

Kerb side appeal is important and what better than a set of new maintenance-free fascias to lift a building. A shiny white unmolested garage door works and forget about plugging those holes in the roof and a get rid of that asbestos before some uses it as a bargaining chip.