Like every good movie we have an origin story.

IMG_6773Perhaps not as exciting as The Avengers of Wolverine but that said, Fred Dibnah got on TV doing demolition work too. The fairly typical asbestos garage isn’t as exciting as chimney stacks but mix it up with a grab wagons, extra-height buildings and breathing equipment and you have a blend of actions that might excite the young and young at heart.
We spent two days last week re-roofing a garage and demolitions two asbestos outbuildings. With height and hazardous waste, we almost had the makings of an action movie.

170 miles from base, we carried so must asbestos that we had to use three large vans to transport and a further three large builders skips to remove everything else.

So, are we moving into disposing of pig stys, stables and livestock buildings? No, not just yet but you’re welcome to contact us for a competitive quote.