Compton takes replacement garage fascias very seriously. We’re remanufacturing PVC fascias complete with backing frames and to the original Compton Apex designs plus we provide our own unique design of robust and maintenance-free steel plastisol fascias on all of our pent/flat roof models.

Back to the Apex PVCu fascias….

Following the demise of Compton Buildings we took literally hundreds of their fascias into stock. As popular fascias began to diminish in numbers we took their designs, tweaked them a little and made them our own. Specify PVC garage fascias white, light-oak and mahogany finishes.

We’ve written before about our ‘fab’ steel fascias common to our pent roof designs. Supplied predominately in white but also available in a very wide range of solid colours all fascias have rounded safety edges formed in two sections for rigidity.

So when you buy a replacement roof from Compton you can be sure that you are marking a mark of quality.