We can provide a roof in any colour of the rainbow

stdcolours@comptonspares we can provide a roof in any colour of the rainbow. But most of us prefer to be shepherded into making a decision so we have chosen four of the most popular colours and provide three more as an option.

Roofing colours are an individual choice but having stared a light-grey roof (probably gone a bit darker by now) for all those years you’re not going to refuse Goosewing Grey at a substantial discount are you? Perhaps you have a Compton Banbury garage? The older versions were supplied with terracotta coloured tile effect roofing. Did you Compton Building come with another colour roof? Then this was likely to have been an optional extra.

Whether or not you choose to replace the barge boards too often depends on whether your building is already equipped with PVC fascias and in which case exchange would be unnecessary. If your timber barge boards are rotten then they can be replaced in conjunction with your roof at no further cost. Select the same colour or perhaps something contrasting. Again this is the individuals choice.