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In response to your message re: regulations

In response to your message re: regulations   Asbestos regulations, what regulations? As a responsible employer we ensure that our employees complete Asbestos Awareness courses and that they receive plentiful guidance of good practice as well as personal protective equipment. So what of regulations? We handle bonded concrete fibre sheets; some might contain small traces of chrysotile asbestos. There’s no governing body regulating our industry and apart from Environment Agency registration no association that we must belong to. Can anyone dispose of this type of asbestos? Well, yes but don’t expect it to be easy to dispose of. There’s a
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Garage Demolition – Better Buy Compton

We’re garage demolition experts and licensed asbestos garage removers. We are registered with the Environment Agency No. CB/BM/3886JY and all our work complies with all the current Hazardous Waste Regulations. We operate with some of the UKs the largest landfill sites. Our services are nationwide and we specialise in the removal of asbestos bonded corrugated sheets and complete asbestos and concrete garages. All our work is carried out in accordance with good building practices and our employees are provided with all the correct personal protective equipment.   Each garage demolition is completed in just one day and with the minimal
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