When Four Weddings and a Funeral gets mashed into Two Demolitions and a Re-Roof.

We made a point of asking our teams to provide photos of this particular job in Stowmarket, Suffolk since our gallery lacked good anthracite coloured roofs and we knew that this was one of our Compton Buildings. It’s also worthwhile noting that in addition to anthracite we can also provide olive green and merlin grey colours.

In February 2018 Mr. Fowler already delighted with our quote for this replacement roof and in the knowledge that we are licensed asbestos removers enquired as to the cost to remove these two outbuildings. A deal was struck, and hotels booked. In all, three large builders’ skips were required but all the asbestos was transported away from site on our own vehicles.

We sent two teams of installers and we completed this task in little over a day.