The #comptonspares Hall of Fame

As a bumper 2018 ends we finish with this first-rate anthracite themed garage overhaul. This building not only finds a great looking main door, but anthracite sprayed PVC access door and treble depth opening window. We supplied new roofing supports and PVC fascias too, all to the original Compton factory designs.
This building was loosely based on the Compton Viceroy model, we knew what sizes it ought to be so a great deal of care was taken to realign the structure as the walls had bowed out and in part fallen over after the client removed the supports 😬

Here’s another Compton Viceroy, saved from The Great Crusher in The Sky. Not as exotic as the last this building this garage required only a fresh new roof and barge boards. Popular is the combination of a light-grey roof with white barge boards. The original fascias were retained.

We instantly identified this elderly Spar Apex as one of our own. The narrower garage panels place the build date somewhere into the 1980s. Although the steel work was good, the fascias were now past their past. Mrs. Stafford gave us a Five Star review going on to add “I am absolutely delighted with my new roof. Ricky and Derek have done such a good job and I was pleased that they tidied up after themselves. I will be recommending you to all my friends who need any work on their garages”. Another reason to #betterbuycompton