Let’s pull no punches #comptonspares

Let’s pull no punches #comptonspares are best positioned to replace the Compton garage roof. What’s more we’re uniquely remanufacturing components belonging to this now obsolete product. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, usually a site survey won’t be necessary because we have 25 years’ experience of Compton Buildings and already know what length of roofing is required.

So, you might be tempted by cheap replacement fascias, well that’s exactly what they are, a cheap over cladding. We provide on the other hand a joinery made and custom built fascias for the Compton Building that includes a timber backing frame all to the original designs.
Have you been told that a PVC barge board is necessary to fix your guttering to? Nonsense, we stock the galvanised gutter brackets just as Compton intended.

Want to have a go yourself? We offer individual fibre-cement roofing sheets and fastenings or entire roofing kits including the necessary conversion brackets to upgrade to a all steel roof.

We’re constantly investing in our product and our people and as result we provide unparalleled levels of service.
Another reason to better buy #comptonspares