It’s a barn Jim!

This building wouldn’t look out of place if it had stable doors and horses staring back. This building #Heanor #Derbyshire has been widened in the past and built to dizzying heights.

We doubt that the average builder would have been capable of working to such height but with our safety tower are not at all perturbed.

The roof was specified in Merlin (dark) Grey which is becoming increasingly fashionable in conjunction with anthracite and sometimes even black.

This building was used solely as a workshop, so it was important to the client that the anti-drip fabric was fit for purpose. Not all drip-stop fabrics are alike we’ve observed first hand just how poor a quality some of the rivals have been using.

The asbestos roofing was removed from site and disposed on within a sealed 19CuYd container.

You’re buying from professionals #comptonspares