Diary of a garage roof installer

I was fortunate enough to join our installation teams as they travelled from the Midlands, to the North West and around the Home Counties.

Day 1 and a 7am call arrived asking for assistance on a job in Bedford. 2hrs later I arrive in Bedford to assist Paulius with a Compton ‘Lawnston’ Apex. By the time I had arrived he had already gotten the roof sheets on so I sent about adding foam filler, clearing the floors and generally giving the inside of the garage a good cleansing ensuring that no traces of the former roof remained. This building had no need for replacement fascias but barge boards finished off the front and rear elevations.

Day 2 finds me in Quinton, Birmingham. As I wearily arrive at 05:30 one of our vans already passes me as it sets off to Wilmslow. We arrive around 07:30 to find a Compton Viceroy Deluxe Rockstone garage in need of a new roof. The client had thrown tarpaulin over a huge hole and the remainder of the roof fell apart in our hands. We completed this building by 10:30 which included a purge of the spiders nesting within. We left the client with a spare tube of mastic to apply to some parts of the walls and our Chesterfield office arranged for a new lock to be supplied.

Day 3 I am in Chesterfield. I had met Mrs. Cooper before when I had taken roofing samples to her and I was looking forward to viewing her new grey coloured garage door. Andy had worked tirelessly and he’s very methodical and extremely tidy. Andy clearly enjoys his work and he’s very happy to talk you through the process. I gave Andy a lift with the roof sheets and the door before I returned to the office.