Compton Spar Apex Garage Roof Replacement

This high-spec Compton Building was in fine shape apart from the roofing which had deteriorated rapidly; in part due to the colour lifting. The fascias each end are made from PVC and the main door plastisol coated. The remainder of the structure is a combination of red oxide primed or galvanised steel.

It wasn’t necessary for the entire structure to be emptied as access is only required for a step ladder. Lights can remain in situ. The structure itself it at relatively low height and the work carried out from just one side.

The roof sheets are carefully stacked and carried whole to the waiting vehicle where ultimately, they will be disposed of at a local landfill site. No skips necessary.
Two and three manned teams carry out the work, and we shouldn’t be on site for more than a few hours.

The roof is suitable prepared before laying the new sheets which are fastened using a reliable tek screw and sealing cap. Translucent panels maybe specified at no further cost. Once secured the roof will accept the weight of the workman with ease.

High density Foam fillers are added during assembly to both the eaves and ridge of the building.

The added value of a replacement roof is clear to see.

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