Client Case Study –  Mr. Woollen, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Recently we rolled up at Mr. Woollens’ home to check on the progress of his garage roof and door installation.

Mr. Woollen, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

At first there was very little to see as the roof, fascias and up and over garage door had already been removed. What was clear to us was the roofing supports were sagging, which was highlighted following our survey that had taken, place some weeks previous to our visit.

Our installers proceeded to replace and reinforce the current roof structure as other members proceeded to rebuild the front fascia/lintel. The old asbestos roofing was already on the truck and by the time of our next visit disposed of into our own sealed container.

Mr. Woollen, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Although this garage was over 20ft long, the roof sheets were single length and the fascias fitted like a glove. Don’t be too alarmed by the photo of the garage door, it hadn’t been fixed into place at this point.

Mr. Woollen, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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