Mrs. Richards from West London contacted Compton for a competitive quotation to replace her garage roof.

She purchased her Compton Building in the late nineteen nineties.

The existing fibre-cement roofing was showing signs of fatigue. Splits were evident and the roof had begun to leak.

Mouldiness is a far too common sight.

We’re stockists of a variety of roofing materials; but our preferred roofing solution is a rigid plastisol coated and anti-drip lined steel.

Every roof is factory pre-cut to size and the most popular colour combinations are always in stock.

Our customer had decided to retain here existing timber fascias. New barge boards are supplied as part of our standard roofing package.

Access to the building is only required within and to one side of the building.

The old roof was very carefully removed and will be disposed of in accordance with current waste handling regulations.

The roof supports are each thoroughly swept in preparation for the conversion to steel box profile.

Compton is now manufacturing their own unique roof conversion brackets.

Roof sheets are fastened from the outside. The fixings have a security head. You can expect to find many more fastenings than before.

Eaves filler designs have also been improved with a dense foam and vented mesh.

The replacement roof fits like a glove.

This roof has been specified with a pair of translucent roofing panels.

Mastic is applied to the ridge and every roof bolts is silicon sealed. Our product is guaranteed not to leak.

Almost complete, this roof is now prepped for the ridge tile to be added.

Goosewing (light-grey) is by far our most popular colour. Every roof includes anti-drip fabric liner to the underside.

Voila! The finished product completed in just one day and with the minimal of fuss.