Case studies – carport roof, Derby – garage roof, Herefordshire

Mr. Gabb lives in a conservation area so he had to be sure that his replacement roof would be in line with the character and appearance of the surroundings. He chose a light-grey coloured roof with dark green barge boards a combination which is popular amongst our more rural customers. Look carefully and you may spot a pair translucent roofing panels.

Mr. Potter was recommended to Compton by a neighbour. He was uncertain as to whether Compton would be willing to undertake the repairs on his carport so a representative was despatched to view. A plan was soon hatched involving roofing to form part of the front fascia which all parties agree was a great a decision. Better Buy Compton

The one thing that you can be sure of with Compton is a high-end product with great results. Delve much deeper to find the corrugations are at 6in centres providing rigidity and a combination of Grade 1 anti-drip lining below coupled with our own unique design of mesh grilled vented foam filler promotes airflow within. Every apex installation can include barge boards in any combination of colours and these wrap around the top of the roof line so don’t expect to see light any longer at the end of the roof.