A Case Study – Mr. Adams, Plymouth, Devon

Mr. Adams contacted @comptonspares back in January. At the time he was undecided whether to repair or replace his current garage.

In addition to our garage revamp services we demolish sectional buildings nationwide and we’re agents for LidgetCompton the nation’s favourite range of concrete garages. A fixed price was given for the garage removal plus an installed price for a brand new Lidget Garage.

We kept in touch with Mr. Adams and we were only too pleased to assist him in weighing up the options.

A garage revamp was decided upon and a site visit was arranged to take measurements of PVC upgrades including pedestrian door and a pair of fixed window.

The garage door design was altered so as not to come into contact with a leaning wall.

This entire installation was completed in just one day and at a fraction of the cost of a new building.

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