We take the welfare of our employees very seriously which we why from the outset we have implemented training and protocols in order to reduce the risks associated with long-term exposure to asbestos. Since our work is considered non-licensable our adherence to this strict worker protection program may not be as rigorously followed by others.… Read more »

Asbestos roof disposal is the new Wild West and they’re of plenty of firms deploying double glazing salesman tactics. Frankly, there’s no excuse for not obtaining some basic online price comparisons. The above-mentioned firms are in our opinion no different to Double Glazing outfits which prey on the old and less well informed. Brandishing 25yr… Read more »

We know that Mr Perkins was delighted with our recent installation since he couldn’t wait to tell us so. Things didn’t start too well since the door wasn’t left unlocked and despite the roof being boarded, we did manage to get inside (with the customers blessing of course!). With the boards and the felt removed… Read more »

Phil Hamberger approached us on 30th December, but that didn’t stop us delivering his quote within hours of its arrival and beginning a dialog from 2nd January. This Compton Viceroy Apex garage was requiring a complete makeover which included a half-glazed door to agreed designs plus window and fascias. We arrived onsite with the fascias… Read more »

What a change of this Compton Apex Building. A roof once tired, grotty, miserable and rotten is rejuvenated into this gleaming terracotta red roof. The ridge tiles that were once missing have now been replaced with something much more durable and a new foam filler securely secured top and bottom. This building had no guttering,… Read more »

Our client had already brought up their frustration with the current bitumen-based roofing with condensation so bad that they had given to parking the car outside. There also remained traces of the original asbestos boarding which required addressing. Given photos and external dimensions we arrived with pre-cut roofing sheets and ridge tile ‘cranked’ to the… Read more »

We were contacted by this client from Yeovil after his neighbours’ tree came crashing through his workshop. We provided assistance with the insurance claim and it wasn’t long before we authorised to proceed. A site survey found that steelwork required replacement and measurements passed to our fabricators. The roof went back together seamlessly and this… Read more »

Take a step back and say just wow! Yes, this project was by far our largest for the first quarter of 2019 and required a team effort to coordinate the emptying and safe removal of the existing buildings. A neighbour had backed her car into two buildings of the eight buildings and the damage inflicted… Read more »