A case study, Mr. Davies of Stockport

Our client had already brought up their frustration with the current bitumen-based roofing with condensation so bad that they had given to parking the car outside. There also remained traces of the original asbestos boarding which required addressing.

Given photos and external dimensions we arrived with pre-cut roofing sheets and ridge tile ‘cranked’ to the correct angles. Also onboard were extra-length barge boards, vent foam fillers, caps and fastenings. All our vehicles are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment and all-weather clothing (the latter being a good thing since the heavens opened up partway through the job). With the poor forecast it was decided that the roof would be tackled one side at a time.

Iain jumped straight to it and began with grinding the nailed down fastenings off. We couldn’t help but notice that the original sheets were pretty light-weight, flimsy and warped and having taken measurements, the building was discovered to be out of alignment too.

With the rear fascia removed, a replacement PVC fascia was built from scratch and no installation would be complete with the Compton Spares badge of excellence.

Just another reason to #betterbuycompton